Rex Carroll Band

Rex Carol Band

Rex Carroll is considered by many people as one of the most extraordinary rock guitarists in the world.
Trained from a young age to be a virtuoso, Rex graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Guitar Performance and immediately started tearing it up.
With influences that run the gamut from Chuck Berry to Eddie Van Halen, he started a long recording career beginning with FIERCE HEART (on Atlantic Records) and continuing with the well-known Christian rock group WHITECROSS. Later on, he added the group KING JAMES to the line-up. Finally, he has stepped out as a solo artist with THE REX CARROLL BAND.
Albums, awards, and gigs have piled up along the way however Rex continues to get after it and loves to perform. With his trusty Marshall amps creating a wall of riffs, this guy knows there’s only ONE WAY TO ROCK.