Bree Harvey

Bree Harvey

Bree Harvey Song Writer/Lyrist
Amazing being born at the age of 53. Bree had to wait until her father passed away in December of 2014 in order to breathe.
Wandering aimlessly as a wife and composition teacher for a community college in Binghamton, NY, she felt comfortable but not satisfied.
Then in 2015, Bree wasn’t afraid to try being herself. She followed a childhood dream and started a Radio Variety show, becoming a producer and head writer for KBKabaret.

KBKabaret Variety Show needed an original theme song. She challenged her other writers to come up with one. Nothing.

So, Bree Wrote “Welcome to Our Town.” ©

Since June of 2015, Bree has written over twenty songs (not including jingles for the show.)


“I never tapped into my dormant DNA until now. I never felt more myself. This is always the person I was meant to be, I just never was confident to follow the sounds in my head.”

“I was called stupid, crazy, and useless. Funny, until my father lived I did not realize I was not alive. Verbal Abuse stifled my creativity.”

Christmas Songs ©
Magic of Christmas
Winter Winter
This Is Our Time
Happy Times Baby

Life Songs ©
Flickers of Light (losing sight of goal)
You’re The One (overcoming hardships and finding love)
You Dreamed for Me (Others should not control who you are)
Find a Man (Bar tune)
My World’s In Tune With Me (coming to terms with self)
Rainbow America (Legalization of Same Sex Marriage)
Passing of Our Fears (Breaking up yet still friends…I would love if this were a male and female duet)
Hear Me Sigh (social and political differences)
Damn It I’m Good (Bar Tune)
Why Didn’t You Say (Suicide)

In Production
Catfish Suicide
Red Shoes
Somebody Pray for Me
You Say Your Pretty
We’re So Over