Ransom and the Subset

Ransom & The Subset

Ransom and the Subset is an American alternative rock band
based in Seattle, Washington. With a refreshing pop-rock
sound, their music is clearly driven by strong melodies and
well-crafted arrangements. Along with infectious hooks and
witty, insightful lyricism, Ransom and the Subset delivers a
dynamic blend of energetic pop from decades past along
with a strong element of modern rock.

“Stunning guitar arrangements and well-crafted, infectious songs:
Ransom and the Subset is right on the mark. RanDair—the
singer/songwriter behind the band—is a clever writer, talented
singer. Ransom and the Subset need to get snatched up by one of
the major labels out there!”
Keith Olsen – Famed Producer of Rick Springfield, Fleetwood Mac,
Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Sammy Hagar, Eddie Money

“Was a gas playing guitars and bass on Ransom and the Subset
record. Great pop songs that are reminiscent of some of my
favorite post punk records that still frequent my turn table. They
have a knack for making great original power pop that has an
edge you don’t hear enough of these days.”
Jody Porter – Lead Guitarist of Fountains of Wayne (Guest on track 7)

“Ransom and the Subset have captured the perfect sunny day, a
double strawberry cone and the giddiness of your first kiss on their
exuberant collection of 11 radio-ready songs.”
Sue Ennis – Songwriter for the legendary group Heart and national
Trustee for the Recording Academy”

RanDair Porter – Guitar / Vocals
Rene Giust – Bass / Vocals
Patrick Coy – Drums/Vocals
Glenn Allen – Guitar/Vocals
Marco Longo – Keyboards