Roy Rivers is an American singer/songwriter who writes in the folk, folk/rock, americana, spiritual, and country genre’s. His live shows best demonstrate his natural ease and comfort with audiences of all sizes and demographics. All you have to do is attend one event and you’ll soon realize his authenticity and believability… and his music… will create its own opening inside of you. It’s a perfect calling card that will entice you to want to know more about the artist and his story.

With a gentle but clear voice and a certain unassuming clarity of delivery, he’s often compared with his earliest musical influence, the late John Denver. As a matter of fact, Roy has performed tribute concerts to John sponsored by PBS and the Denver Post in Denver Colorado, at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, selling it out twice! He accepted the German Country Music Hall of Fame Award on behalf of John while on tour, later to present the award to John’s mother Erma at a special concert event in Aspen Colorado.

Making friends in high places is also evident with Roy who was joined in the studio to record a new duet of John Denver’s hit “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” with the beautiful and legendary Dolly Parton. Their duet scored a #1 hit in country music across Europe! This was the song that introduced him to audiences worldwide, got their attention, and then allowed an introduction to an ever increasing fan base to his own songwriting.

Roy’s original music also scored two charting hits across Europe with his “What Our Love Is Not About” going to #2, and “Oh Railroad” going to #4. This work netted Roy 6 ECMA Award nominations (European Country Music Awards) including among them Song of the Year, Duet of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year. He and Dolly together won the Vocal Duet of the Year with “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”.

His live concerts are filled with story songs, traditional ballads, love songs, and just the right amount of setup to draw you in and fill you with anticipation for what’s coming next. He’s an avid songwriter with over 240 of them written so far. Roy has a vision for writing songs to be featured in TV and movies as well as for both established and up and coming artists. Most satisfying to him however, are his annual performing season shows that always provide the lift and inspiration for more creativity.

Go to a show. Feel your growing sense of involvement in the artist and his music. Listen to the comments of fellow concertgoers. Soon you’ll realize he’s got something going on… something you’d like to hear more of. That’s the magic of Roy Rivers.