Shane Russell

Shane Russell



Born in the small town of Carthage, MS, Shane had always had a passion for music since he could walk. Performing with his guitarist father at family gatherings on drums, to leading his local church chior at age 9, music was the one trait people always knew him by. He wrote songs, learned to play piano, drums, and some guitar by his later teens while performing as a church drummer, and with a country gospel group with his dad, he also joined a rock group made up of high school friends. They performed at local parties and fairs and has now acquired more than 3,000 shows worldwide from cruise ship contracts with Carnival to shows in Las Vegas, Sturgis, SD at the famous Full Throttle Saloon.

In 2010, Shane was signed with Tate Music Group, moved to Nashville, where he got his first radio airplay with ‘I’m Taking Over’ being heard by more than 8 million people. He also toured as a drummer with various national acts while there.

Recently, Shane has gotten to record a new single with Grammy winner Mills Logan(Toby Keith/Luke Bryan/Martina McBride) released in 2016. He is performing on various TV and radio stations nationwide promoting his new projects.