Sonja Kalckar

Sonja Kalckar

Speaker, Performer, Actress, Singer, Sound Therapist, Teacher, Educator
Taped 1 TV show in Los Angeles and several in Colorado that aired on Public Broadcasting.
Produced 3 commercial DVDs & 1 CD that are for sale. 4 videos on YouTube (one is a CD.)
Filmed numerous consumer videos (VHS) featuring her invention: Soma Geometry Systems.

Sonja plays and sings many styles of music: Country/Rock, Folk, Blues, Gospel, Bluegrass, Delta Blues and Celtic. She is currently working on her Songwriting in the Style of Country/ Rock and Folk/Blues.

Graduated from EMERSON COLLEGE in Boston, Mass. with a BFA Degree, focusing on English, theater education, performing arts and dance therapy.

Board certified as a Traditional Naturopath.

Sonja started playing Piano at the age of ten and then switched to the Violin for four years. At the age of 15, she started taking Guitar lessons and was able to read music.

“By the time I was 17, I was playing, singing, and performing simple Delta Blues / blues, gospel and folk songs. I became very good at finger-picking, Delta blues, and even sat in with Earl Scruggs and Band.”

At 18, she was in a band with several musicians, including Bobbie Raitt’s brother, David, and they performed at small clubs and for country-dance events.

From age 24 to 27, she and her partner, Scott, played and sang in coffee houses and small clubs. “Scott was a gifted songwriter and singer. I sang with him and did back-up harmony and sometimes lead vocals. I wrote a few songs as well.”

In her 30s, Sonja focused more on songwriting, poetry and writing in general, as well as having a career in holistic health. Through her 30s and 40s, she wrote a few songs and performed from time to time in coffee houses and with other musicians. In her late 40s and early 50s, she went through a major cycle of writing songs and short stories and journaling for herself about life’s trials and tribulations.

“Now, at 56, I am still writing songs, playing and singing my music three times a week, and I sing and perform a few times a month. One of my inspirations, and catalyst, has been living in Hawaii and the lifestyle here. I’ve spent over 25 years swimming and kayaking with dolphins and whales. These beautiful Beings have taken me and my Soul to a deeper place of the Heart and taught me true unconditional Love.”

Performed as a professional Modern dancer, and Afro-American and Flamenco Dancer in 3 different dance companies, over a period of ten years.

Performed in numerous musicals in high school, college and local theaters, over a period of ten years.

Trained with acting coaches Jack Barnard and Richard Hatch (over a period of 4 years) in the acting realm, with many performances and some video. (Richard Hatch credits include: “Battlestar Galactica” and “All My Children.”)