Von Wayne

Von Wayne

“As with many occupations, people are often asked who are their influences, or, who influenced you? Who inspired you? It would be incorrect for me to list musicians or bands within those terms. To me, they are my teachers. My influence and inspiration has always been, and always will be, music itself.”

“Playing music is a very personal thing. Finding a group of people who can create magic, not just play, but really create magic, is a rare and beautiful thing. If you are on the same page, the music is the easy part.”

“I tend to write very visually. Finding a ‘picture’ to put with the emotion you desire is an invaluable tool in the composition of a piece. Think emotion first. The key signature and names of the notes are a far, far, distant second”.

” Practice…practice….practice! ‘Nuff said on that.”

“If you are gonna play live it better be a show. People hear with their eyes. Through skill and precision on your chosen instrument, one must leave them in awe. NO EXCEPTIONS! If they see you from just three feet away, and they still do not believe their eyes…..you know that you are really on to something! You cast an emotional state of wonder upon the listener. You will leave them screaming for more”.