Until June

Until June


The first single from Until June’s highly anticipated second full length set YOUNG & FOOLISH may be the pop/rocker “What Went Wrong,” but it’s a key line from another track, “Spark”—“Never let that spark die that’s in you”— that captures the enduring spirit of the trio as they embark on an exciting new phase of their career with upstart indie label Madison Line Records. Five years after their self-titled debut and its hit single “Sleepless” created a firestorm in Europe; led to three full U.S. tours, two tours of Southeast Asia; and placements on top TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Kardashians,” “Real World” and “Jersey Shore,” Until June is busting out all over again for Seattle born brothers Josh (piano, vocals) and Dan Ballard (guitar); and Daniel Dempsey (drums).

Clever PR spin during the initial push for the L.A. based band’s 2007 debut album tied their unique moniker to a “make it or break it” deadline they had set for themselves: if they had not been signed by June 2006—a few years after they joined forces and started playing every club imaginable on the Sunset Strip—they might have packed it in. They did make the deadline — signed by Flicker Records/Sony-BMG – but in reality, the chemistry that the Ballards and Dempsey shared from the start kept them plugging away.

No amped up storyline was necessary once their debut UNTIL JUNE took off; the album was produced by Brian Garcia, whose credits as a pop/rock producer, engineer and mixer include sessions with Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and Our Lady Peace. The band began to build buzz in the U.S. with “What I’ve Done” featured on “Grey’s Anatomy’s” third season box set, on a promo for what was a new series – “Private Practice.” The song was also featured on the national television and radio commercial spots for the new show. “Sleepless” became a #1 sensation in Greece (remaining in the pole position for 28 weeks), hitting #4 in Norway and #7 in Finland. The band also released a #1 music video for the song.

The band eventually parted ways with Sony, but continued their momentum as they began an international campaign that led to more success overseas. In addition to a tour of Greece that included radio promotion and live TV performances, Until June became a sensation in Japan—and were invited to tour there. Their music later caused a stir throughout Southeast Asia, and they performed several times in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Though they called their follow-up EP (released by local indie Authentik Artists) SOUND OF DEFEAT, Until June stayed on a winning streak, working with superstar producer Dave Darling (Brian Setzer, Tom Waits, Jack Johnson), scoring another hit in Greece (“The Man Who Lost His Soul”) and more placements on “Gray’s Anatomy” (“In My Head”), E! Entertainment’s “The Kardashians,” and on MTV’s “Real World” and “Jersey Shore.”

For YOUNG & FOOLISH, the band signed with Madison Line Records, and is anxious to release it after years of creating demos for the project. After working on their first two projects with major producers Garcia and Darling, the trio decided to hunker down in Dempsey’s studio in East L.A. and produce the 10 songs themselves. Once they recorded the basic tracks, they brought in Grammy Award winning mixer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, Sugarland, Elvis Costello) to help them achieve their risky but creatively exciting idea: tuck Josh Ballard’s otherworldly, falsetto inflected vocals underneath his brother’s jangly guitars and the sweeping, explosive instrumentation.

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