The prediction that something unpredictable was probably going to occur in this years presidential election in the US ended up happening. Most of the opinion polls missed it, giving Hillary Clinton a solid 2 to 4 point lead over Donald Trump. The final, as you know, was a complete turn around, Trump walked away with the presidency. The miscalculation of the polls was being out of touch with the frustration of the common man. Voting became his chance to push back what had, unfortunately, become status quo in politics. The US election seemed to follow the same path leading into Britain’s June 23 referendum where Britons were expected to choose to remain in the EU. Instead, they voted to leave by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin.

I sure don’t have a crystal ball, but artists like Adele have changed the current status quo of the music industry. Sure, Rap, R&B, Country, Rock………… are here to stay but much like the results of the election in the US this month, I have a hunch we are in for some surprises in the music world, good and bad.

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