I had a new artist ask me the other day what was the average number of years that an artist could expect to tour. I replied “there are a lot of variables and I wasn’t sure if there was a cap”. I gave him a list of artists I knew or have crossed paths with who were still touring today:

Chuck Berry 90

Bob Dylan 75

Tina Turner 76

Andy Summers (The Police) 73

Eric Burden 75

Rod Stewart 71

Paul McCartney 74

Aretha Franklin 74

Neil Diamond 75

Mick Jagger 73

Charlie Watts 75

Keith Richards 72

Ronnie Wood 69

Robbie Robertson 73

Paul Simon 75

Art Garfunkle 74

Stephen Stills 71

Graham Nash 74

David Crosby 75

Brian Wison 74

David Marks 68

Mike Love 75

Al Jardine 74

Bruce Johnston 74

Ringo Star 76

Phil Lesh 76

Mickey Hart 73

Bob Weir 69

Jerry Lee Lewis 81

Franki Valli 82

Smokey Robinson 76

Willie Nelson 83

Barry McGuire 81

Tony Bennett 90

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