New Book: Glimpse of Glory: A Critical Examination of Near Death Experiences by an NDEr

In this story of a courageous woman’s (my wife) seven year battle with the symptoms of an undiagnosed brain tumor, Yvonne describes how God sustained her and finally used a gifted surgeon to safely remove it. The brain surgery resulted in a near death experience that dramatically changed her life, awakening a new awareness about world events and rising deception in the organized church. The results of her ensuing research challenged beliefs she had held throughout most of her life, drawing her to a fresh understanding of the simplicity of the gospel. In her book, Yvonne examines near death experiences from the perspectives of science and of spirituality, noting the prevalent theme of Oneism in NDE accounts. She follows Oneism, depicted in Kabbalah, to its shocking source and reveals its presence, not only in science but also in the church.

Glimpse of Glory is available on

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