Michael Nachtigal

Michael Nachtigal

September Productions was founded in 1978 by Michael Nachtigal. Michael started out in the 1960’s as a guitarist for the Common Ground and later moved into the production end of the entertainment industry as a House Mixer. In the early 80’s he started working as a production and tour manager. After 40 years of touring, he is familiar with all sides of the music business, having completed over 20 world tours, he is well acquainted with all countries and travel logistics.

Michael specializes in putting together great teams to support any type of artist. He represents a network of crews which have an established reputation for being easy-going personalities that work with the utmost level of professionalism, efficiency and integrity.

1) Tour accounting (I have handled budgets from $250,000 per week to over $ 4,000,000 per week

2) Hiring and managing all band members, this can range from 5 to 25 personnel

3) Hiring and managing all technical crew member, this can range from 15 to 100 personnel

4) Negotiations for contracts with all vendors, this includes Local labor, sound, staging & lighting companies, etc.

5) As a tour manager, I handle all travel arrangements

a) Flights, busses, hotels, etc. for artist & entourage nationally and      internationally

b) Coordination of visas and work permits for int’l travel, includes passport inventory of all travelers

6) Liaison between management, artists, & traveling entourage

7) Coordination of all press coverage, includes TV, newspaper, talk shows, tour, etc.

8) Sponsorship set up for world relief organizations

9) Coordination of all guest lists for each show

10) Coordination of all security for the entourage and local security at the venues (background in law enforcement)