Greg X Volz (Front man for Classic Petra)
There is no one in the history of this band who has been a better tour manager. He is always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to the logistics of international travel and production. His integrity and work ethic is without question.

Karl Engemann(Manager for Marie Osmond)
Michael, congratulations on a job well organized on the Osmond Int’l tour last year.  You are terrific! you are always on top of the situation. You are tops in my book!

Larry McNeny, (Tour Manager Clapton, Bee Gees, Ozzy
Having known Michael for 20 years, I can honestly say he is one of those guys anyone artist or crew would love to have on their team.  His abilities, Tour Management, Production Management etc., are well honed and respected by the industry.   He has worked with many & varied style artists worldwide and his abilities and experiences are vast and far reaching.  He has a keen sense of budget and where money can (and should be) saved and also where it is best spent for show effectiveness, which is where a great deal of touring waste occurs.  I’d be happy and proud to work with Michael on any live event, tour or project anytime.

Denny Kietzman (Tour Director Casting Crowns, DC Talk)

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Michael Nachtigal for many years. I have observed his attention to detail as he has served artists in the capacity as Road Manager and I have experienced his concern for the entire team and the specific interests of management as Tour Manager. Further, I have, personally, hired Michael to represent my company on several occasions as Production Manager both in this country and abroad. I give Michael Nachtigal my highest recommendation… And count it an honor any time we are able to work together.

Eiichi Naito (Manager for Kitaro)

Michael has worked as my tour manager for Kitaro since 1996, and also the Twelve Girls Band.  He has skillfully handled numerous international tours for us, working  with a calm confidence that puts everyone at ease.  He is highly esteemed by management, the artist and crew alike.

Omar Abderrahman (Production Mgr for Miley Cyrus, Tans-Siberian Orchestra, Usher, Boston)
Here is a quick email regarding my endorsement of Michael Nachtigal. Michael is a asset to any tour. Tour mgmt. or production mgmt he’s a top man for either job.

Willam (David) Davidian (Light Designer for Enrique Inglesius, Santana, N’Sync, Britney Spears)
I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Nachtigal on a couple of projects. He is highly skilled, effective and efficient always in his work. Beyond that, he is a team player and looks after both managment and his touring staff with equal care and skill. I would work with him at any time on any project and highly recommend him for any position.  

Lamar Sanford
I’m the owner of D&S Classic Coach Inc. in Phoenix AZ. I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Nachtigal on several tours. I have found That Michael is good at making a tour run smooth and is very conscious of the people working around him. I hope to work with Michael more and more.

Diego Negrete
Michael is at the top of the list when it comes to hands-on tour managers. He has the ability to build a very powerful and beautiful team out of any tour he tackles. I was Michaels stage manager on the Pepe Aguilar tour 2006 and 2007.

Norm Blanshard (Manager for Tonex, Cerrito)
You cannot purchase the experience and knowledge that Michael brings to the table.  Whether you’re an artist or event producer Michael’s passion to serve is second to none.  The database and network of professional colleagues that Michael has built over the years, diligently serving clients nationally and internationally, save time, money and HEADACHE!

Steve Van Beuren (Production for ZZ Top, Petra)
I have known Michael for more years than I care to admit, but I have always been impressed with his very calm and professional attitude regardless of the circumstances, The tours we have been on together are some of my best memories.

Ricky Spencer (Video Director Brooks & Dunn, Usher, Joyce Meyer)
In my 23 years of touring and concert production work I have had the blessing of working with and along side of many incredible people. In the 90’s I met Michael Nachtigal while touring with Brooks and Dunn as their video director. Immediately I knew we would be doing events in the future together of various types and we have. In the mid 90’s touring with the Christian artist Carman, Michael was the tour mgr. and it was there that I saw him truly in his realm of excellence and professional skills. His vast knowledge of the industry, venues, contacts worldwide and his people skills made him a pleasure to work with and be around. Many times I watched Michael handle delicate issues and matters with local unions, crews and house management with gentleness but firmness that all parties could agree on. No matter whether it was a full tour or a one off, in front of the crew, artist or client, Michael is always the same, inside and out…professional, courteous and Christ like…those are traits that cover the full realm of a seasoned veteran, an awesome individual to any team. I highly recommend consideration of Michael for any of your production, management or touring needs to your team.

Jean B. Smit (FOH & Production Mgr for Pepe Aguilar)
Michael’s passion and knowledge for the business combined with his enjoyment for his work, has left me with an unbelievable and great respect for his work, but even more for him as  that humanity person. I have to say that in these days, where stress is the leading factor for Tours and Touring, he always stands out, by being the Tour Manager that has an ear for every person.  There are not that many people like him on this planet with that amount of talent, humor and attention to detail, resulting in the best shows, ever performed.  Michael is the real captain, invisible to the audience, but steering the ship as no other.  Working with him is a real joy, and I surely hope that many other people will be able to work with him as well, having the opportunity to have a little taste of what true professionalism is all about. Michael, is the best. It is always an honor to work with him.

Ross Butler (Stage & Set Design All Access Australia & SE Asia)
I have been privileged to have worked with Michael many times over the past 20 years, together we have toured the world, it has always been a pleasure to work with Michael. He has always maintained a high standard of professionalism and his knowledge of how the industry works on a local and international scale makes him stand out from the crowd. Michael has a sixth sense when it comes to picking his team. He knows how to make the arduous life of touring acts, a memorable experience for all that work with him starting with that infectious smile he can maintain through the toughest of times and there have been a few!  Another of Michael’s skills is his ability to resolve issues in a passive yet firm manner, I don’t know of anyone that has worked with Michael that wouldn’t work for him again. On a personal level, Michael is one of the kindest and most honest people I have every met. He is a dedicated family man and is liked by all. I personally would recommend Michael Nachtigal for any project, he will give 100% every time and the clients are always very satisfied with his work.

Jim Pendolino (Tour Acct for Peter Gabriel)
Michael is the consummate touring professional.  His tours consistently run like clockwork as he is highly organized and well prepared.  He is always calm and professional.  His drama free approach provides the artist and crew with a stress free environment .   This makes the tour a joy to be on.  I can also attest to Michael’s personal character.  He is an individual of the highest quality and standards.  Honest, straight forward, personable, efficient.  I assure you.  You couldn’t have a finer person both personally and professionally associated with your tour.

Bud Hunter (Transportation Director for Randy Travis)
I must say Michael is the best and most respected Production Manager I have ever worked with in the industry.  Michael is precise at his job and knows what to do, when to do and, how to do, to make everything work smoothly. He maintains the up most confidence of all that surrounds him, and the ability to control the worst. I support Michael in all endeavors and enjoy the pleasure of working with him.