If there was a contest of the nicest guys in rock ‘n’ roll, I think anyone who knows these three artists would agree with me, it would be a three way tie between Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl.

Alice Cooper’s private life is the almost the exact opposite of what he puts on under the spotlight. We’ve certainly all heard of superstar loudmouths who go the other way: they talk a good game about peace, love, and understanding, and then abuse everyone around them like angry, spoiled, egomaniacal Roman emperors.  Alice contributes much of his earnings to Artists for Peace and Justice, A World Fit For Kids, ANNIKA Foundation, Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, MusiCares, to name just a few.

Foo Fighters front man, Dave Grohl, is one musician that doesn’t take his incredible wealth for granted, nor is he one to spend his hard earned bank on diamond encrusted motorcycles, small tropical islands, or palatial estates.  Dave attributes his financial modesty to the fact that he never graduated high school – and this lack of educational “security” has ensured that when it comes to money, all his financial dealings and investments are well thought out and sound. In addition to possessing admirable financial prudence (being responsible with such a vast sum of money will guarantee countless generations of future Grohls are provided for), Dave contributes his time and talents to many charitable organizations, including Autism Speaks, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Stand Up To Cancer, and the Elton John Aids Foundation.

Bruce Springsteen anonymously pays for strangers’ home repairs in his native Monmouth County, New Jersey.  In 1989, Bruce set up and funded a program simply called The Foundation that, for its first ten years, was never publicly acknowledged as being Bruce-related.  Each year, The Foundation helps local residents cover costs in making necessary fixes to their homes. When reports surfaced that Bruce anonymously backed The Foundation, the organization’s director said: “It’s just his way, he’s always been kind of like that. He doesn’t need to tell them it’s him for it to work.”  Bruce currently supports, Aid Still Required, Amnesty International, Every Mother Counts, Friars Foundation, Global Poverty Project, MusiCares, Red Cross and Special Olympics to name just a few.

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