In order to answer the question of why music moves us emotionally, music theorists present long drawn out answers that, basically, say we need to understand the perception of music. A perspective theory is suggested. A perspective implies a frame of reference. This means that the perspective selects content an implicit meaning. This content is an important agent in the perception of form. The general assumption that we judge the content from the form can thus be challenged. The opposite is also possible: the content makes us perceive form. This is a new understanding of the old question of whether music is a representative or just form. It has been shown that we do not have to perceive music consciously to be emotionally affected by it.  We do not always connect the emotion caused by the music to the music heard. This is obvious in the case of film music.

Whether we understand the theorist’s rather complicated perspective, for us “average” folks – music moves us.  It helps make life bearable and even enjoyable. The style doesn’t really matter, each person or culture has their own tastes.  I grew up a rock musician who listened to R&B.  I know a lot of R&B artists who listen to country when off stage. My point?   Quit arguing about style, its all good, focus on the excellence – mediocrity is bad for the soul 🙂

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