Well it’s that time of year again

Well here it is Christmas again and in the name of political correctness, everyone is confused.  Treating the good feelings of “Happy holidays” as a grievance is rude because you’re swerving out of your way to hurt and exclude people who already feel a bit alienated this time of year. On the flip side, taking offense at someone’s reflexive “Merry Christmas” is also inconsiderate. Accept the wishes for what they are — an expression of good cheer and common humanity.

Every religious tradition has a version of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others….” In the spirit of the season (whatever holiday you may observe), try putting yourself in another’s place.

After touring the world for over forty years, I have learned a little about the different cultures, the take away for me is that in the final analysis we really are the same – fragile and foolish, but somehow important to our creator.


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