Great songs never die

In theory, a great song is only a simple beat, a catchy rhythm and a repetitive melody with a few stuck-in-high notes and sometimes a surprise suddenly slow section. It seems like some artists can produce a great song, but every so often, a song appears into the music industry that almost changes the world forever. These highly popular songs get played on every radio, every TV, featured in almost every movie, quoted in every Instagram bio, found every dance club and in the background of every gym. These catchy tunes seem to drive to the top of the music charts as well as into our memories, no matter how much we don’t want them to. I’m convinced history (and the internet) will never let die 😊

“Don’t forget to have a life. It’s important to look outside the business. There are so many great stories out there that have nothing to do with the theatre, or with other writers” – Anthony Nielson.

“I have a magpie attitude to inspiration: I seek it from all sorts of sources; anything that allows me to think about how culture comes together. I’m always on the lookout – I observe people in the street; I watch films, I read, I think about the conversations that I have. I consider the gestures people use, or the colours they’re wearing. It’s about taking all the little everyday things and observing them with a critical eye; building up a scrapbook which you can draw on. Sometimes, too, I look at other artworks or films to get an idea of what not to do.” –  Isaac Julian

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