NEW BOOK! It’s Been a Good Run

It’s Been A Good Run


Announcing the publication of my new book!


This book is a realistic inside view of the touring industry that most never know exists. Getting the band and the entire entourage from point A to point B seems straightforward enough, but as this book reveals, dealing with unexpected details and solving dozens of new problems each day is much more complex than that.

The insider will relate to the stories of life on the road, the ups and downs and the extremely complex logistics we have to navigate. A well-orchestrated plan and strict timing has always been the name of the game.

“Mike Nachtigal has the unique ability to simultaneously lead a crew, calm a star, avert a production disaster and never stop smiling. This is a tour de force of the touring life from a man who’s seen it all.”

– Steve Taylor – Front Man Chagall Guevara

“What an incredible inside view of the touring industry that most never know exists. The various elements Michael reveals and shares with us shows the depth of his gifts, talents and the trust each artist, musician and management team had in him. Michael, you’re a true gem to this industry and all that know you!”

– Ricky Spencer – Touring/Production/Video Director

“The best tour manager I ever worked with, and an even greater lifetime friend. An honest, wonderful joyride through the life of someone who met this business head-on and instead of being devoured by it, ate it alive.”

– Brian Martin – Promoter – Martin Media Worldwide

“As crazy as the entertainment business sometimes is, Michael has proven to me that whatever happens, he will keep the show (tour) steering into the right direction. Touring is not easy, but Michael made it absolute fun to be part of his team.

I’m happy he penciled these stories onto paper to share some great insides from the ‘entertainment industry’ as we know it. It has always been ‘a good run’ for the tours I did with Michael.”

– Jean B. Smit –FOH Engineer, Sound Designer – Pepe Aguilar & Kitaro

“While life on the road is almost always hectic, especially for those not in the spotlight, you sometimes make friends while on tour and very infrequently will those friendships last past the closing curtain or parting flight. However, some, like my friendship with Michael Nachtigal, has lasted for almost four decades.

Not only has Michael made a respected name for himself in the entertainment industry–he still always answers my calls, even after a years’ absence. Something between us both clicked, and we have kept in touch and try and see each other when we can or are in each other’s hometown.

Sure, there are long periods of no communication, but such is life and the real test of a true friendship. If you cannot speak or see each other for a year or more and when you do reconnect–just pick up right where you left off, then you may have found a good friend.

Sadly, or maybe gratefully, I did not know him in his kick boxing days (I’d bet he was a tough opponent) but in the touring world ‘on the road days’ he was a prince among men! He always was watching out for everyone’s best interest and even while making sure the show and artists were ready to go on stage on time, he always found time to visit with a friend or arrange a couple of tickets, complementary of course or even a crew meal.

I am glad to see that my friend has written down his life’s path and hard work in this book. By reading this, I believe you will have a better understanding of what we did for a living and how ‘life on the road’ truly was. It shows how it can make you, as well as the many wrong directions you’ll hopefully be smart enough not to take.

Congratulations on this Michael and I hope this telling of your tale is a huge success!

– Larry R. McNeny – Former Tour Manager – Bee Gees, Eric Clapton – V.P. Shimizu International (Tokyo) – Creative Conceptual Designer – Teen Cancer America! 2002

“Who better to write a book!”

– Denny Keitzman – Owner – Straight Gate Productions – Tour Manager – DC Talk, Casting Crowns



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