Did you every have one of those days when everything is going south ?

Years ago we were in Nigeria doing a festival that had over 100,000 fans to see Usher and a riot broke out. For about an hour it felt like we were in a war zone, several people were killed next to our stage, we had security take us out of the venue before we could finish the first song.

As a tour manager it was my job to not show any signs of panic and protect the band and crew (of course inside my head it was a different story).  In the midst of all the chaos Bobby Ferrin’s song “don’t worry” came into my mind among many other things that held a much higher priority, but never-the-less, the song was still there.

We made it out of the country, but were a little more cautious about committing to shows in places that had a history of civil unrest. We went on to finish our tour in South Africa without incident.

Every once in a while I guess it is probably important to see the lighter side of life in the midst of the darkness.  If it is one thing I have learned about life, things can change in a New York minute……………..


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